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The persecution and censore on Philosophy and in Universities against Historical Astrology


Universities generally persecute and censor Historical Astrology. Philosophers as Martin Heidegger, Sartre, Karl Popper, Habermas, Peter Singer, Simon Blackburn, Thomas Nagel,  Slavoj Žižek or John Searle despised or made fun of all astrological research calling it "mystical" and "ignorant." But the true ignorant are the institutional philosophers, the astronomers like Carl Sagan, the "sages" in general, the professors, the opinion makers.


In the books I have written and published in Portuguese and Spanish language, I presented more than sufficient evidence of the existence of regularities / planetary-social laws, that is, that all events biophysical, political, social and economic derive from the passage of the planets or sun and Moon's nodes in certain areas and degrees of the zodiac. Despite of my research, away from the commercial and astrology unscientific ruling, universities and mass media exercise  acts of censorship on my thesis based on empirical facts and correlative inductions. There is an epistemological fascism ruling in universities, particularly in the faculties of philosophy, in liberal democracies, specially in Portugal: the astronomical research of historical facts (Historical Astrology) is discouraged, ridiculed and banned.  


But, despite the curtain of lies extended worldwide by the dominant ideology of the powerful in capital and superficiality of university qualifications, the absolute predestination of the facts from the Zodiac is real. Let ´s analyze some examples of the theory  I discovered which, in my opinion and in a few others, is the greatest discovery since the cosmological theory of relativity of Einstein.







The area 19º-20º of Taurus sign produces accidents or incidents in Chicago.



On April 16, 1953,with Mars in 19º 15´ / 19º 58´ Taurus, a fire at a metalworkingplant, in Chicago, Illinois, provokes 35 deaths;on December 1, 1958, with Mars in 19º 6´ / 18º 51´ Taurus, a fire at a parochial school in Chicago, Illinois, originates 95 deaths.







 The area 26º-28º of Taurus sign excites accidents or incidents in Wisconsin.


On June 4, 1958, with Mercury in 26º 29´ / 28º 21´ Taurus, a tornado at the North-West of Wisconsin causes 30 dead; on April 11, 1965,with Jupiter in 27º 30´ / 27º 42´Taurus, tornados in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin produce 271 dead.





The area 11º-15º of Gemini sign models accidents or incidents in Georgia.


On May 16, 1938, with Mars in 15º 12´ / 15º 53´ Geminis, a fire at Terminal Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia, kills 35 people;on August 4, 1944, with Uranus in 12º 17´ / 12º 19´Gemini, a railroad disaster near Stockton, Georgia, kills 47 people; on December 7, 1946,with Moon´s North Node in 11º 45´ Gemini, a fire at Winecoff Hotel, iAtlanta, Georgia, causes 119 deaths.





The area 22º-23º of Gemini sign materializes accidents or incidents in Houston and Indiana.


On June 20, 2001,with Mercury in 23º 35´ / 23º 6´ Gemini, Andrea Yates, an exnurse aged 36, kills her five children, aged between 6 moths and 7 years, drowning them in the bathtub of her house in Houston, Texas; on Mars 12, 2002, with Moon´s North Node in 22º 53´ / 22º 40´ Gemini, Andrea Yates, an ex nurse aged 36, is convicted by a jury in Houston, Texas, for having murdered her five children, aged between 6 months and 7 years, drowning them in the bathtub of her house in Houston, Texas.


On January 19, 1907, with Pluto in 22º 8´ / 22º 7´ Gemini, a railroad disaster in Fowler, Indiana, provokes 29 deaths; on June 22, 1918, with Moon´s South Node in 22º 16´ Gemini,a railroad disaster in Ivanhoe, Indiana, produces 68 deaths.





The area 24º-27º of Gemini sign stimulates kidnapping in U.S.A. and othercountries.


On May 24, 1935, with Mercury in 24º 23´ / 25º 30´ Gemini, George Weyerhaeuser, nine years old, is kidnapped in Tacoma, Washington;on December 27, 1936, with Moon´s South Node in 24º 19´ Gemini, Charles Mattson, aged 10, is kidnapped in Tacoma, Washington;on September 28, 1953, with Jupiter in 26º 0´ / 26º 3´Gemini,Robert C. Greenlease, aged 6, is taken by kidnappers from Kansas City Missouri; on July 4, 1956, with Venus in 24º 25´ / 24º 3´ Gemini, Peter Weinberger, 32 days old, is kidnapped in Westbury, New York; on July 27, 1972, with Venus in 23º 30´ / 24º 4´ Gemini, Virginia Pipper, aged 49, is abducted from her homein suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota;on February 20, 1974, with Moon´s South Node in 26º 38´ / 26º 29´ Gemini, J. Reginald Murphy, aged 40, an editor of Atlanta Constitution, Georgia, is kidnapped; on March 16, 1978, with Jupiter in 27º 0´ / 27º 5´Gemini, Aldo Moro, Democratic-Christian leader, is kidnapped by Red Brigades who murder 5 bodyguards in a street of Rome, Italy.





The area 25º-26º of Gemini sign induces accidents or incidents in San Francisco.


On July 22, 1917,with Mars in 25º 50´ / 26º 31´ Gemini, a bomb explodes during San Francisco Preparedness Day parade killing 10 people;on January 30, 2002,with Moon´s North Node in 26º 23´ / 26º 17´ Gemini, some explosives are found in the shoes of a passenger at the International Airport of San Francisco and manypeople are evacuated and all flights are cancelled.


AREA 10º-14º CANCER:



The transit of a planet, Sun or Moon´s Node in the area 10º-14º of Cancer sign provokes, usually, an accident or incident in Dallas.


On November 22, 1963,with Moon’s North Node in 11º 54´ / 11º 56´ Cancer,president John Fitzgerald Kennedy is assassinated in Elm Street, in Dallas, Texas,by secret agents at the service of oil-bearing high bourgeoisie; on August 4, 1985,with Venus in 13º 23´ / 14º 33´ Cancer, an aerial disaster occurs at Dallas Airportbecause of strong lateral winds;on June 13-15, 2002, with Mars in 10º 10´ / 12º 7´Cancer,a meeting in Dallas, Texas, of roman catholic bishops approve stringent policies concerning the priests who sexually abuse minors.





The area 14º-15º of Cancer sign engenders accidents or incidents in Chicago.


On July 22, 1934, with Mercury in 14º 7´ / 14º 8´ Cancer, John Dillinger, the Public Enemy Number One, is shot and killed by FBI in Chicago;on June 5, 1946, with Venus in 14º 15´ / 15º 27´ Cancer, a fire at LaSalle Hotel, in Chicago, Illinois, robs 61 humans lives; on April 16, 1953, with Uranus in 14º 42´ / 14º 43´ Cancer, a fire at a metalworking plant, in Chicago, Illinois, provokes 35 deaths.







The area 9º-10º of Leo sign denotes the Empire State Building, in New York.


On May 1, 1931, with Mars in 10º 30´/ 10º 55´ Leo, the Empire State Buildingis is opened in New York City; on July 28, 1945, with Pluto in 9º 42´ / 9º 44´ Leo,a US Army B-25 crashes into the hit of the Empire State Building, New York City,provoking 14 deaths.






The transit of a planet, Sun or Moon´s Node in the area 2º-4º of Scorpio sign predisposes to the emergence of an accident in Brooklyn, New York.



On December 5, 1876, with Mars in 3º 28´ / 4º 12´ Scorpio, a fire at theatre ain Brooklyn, New York, causes 295 deaths; on November 1, 1918, with Venus in 2º 0´ / 3º 15´ Scorpio, a railroad disaster in Brooklyn, New York, generates 97 deaths.



                 AREA 3º-5º OF SCORPIO SIGN:




The area 3º-5º of Scorpio sign draws inauguration, accidents or incidents in Colorado.



On July 31, 1976, with Uranus in 3º 12´ / 3º 13´ Scorpio, a flood in Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado, U.S., produces 139 deaths; on April 20, 1999, with Mars in 5º 50´ / 5º 29´ Scorpio, two students shoot continually their colleagues in Columbine High School, Colorado, killing 13 persons, and committing suicide after.







The area 12º-18º of Scorpio sign shapes accidents or incidents in Indiana.


On March 18, 1925, with Saturn in 13º 50´ / 13º 48´ Scorpio, the great “Tri-State Tornado” in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, originates 689 deaths and 2,000 injured people; on December 18, 1964, with Neptune in 18º 55´/ 18º 57´ Scorpio, a fire at a nursing home, in Fountaintown, Indiana, generates 20 deaths; on December, 13, 1977, with Uranus in 14º 24´ / 14º 27´ Scorpio, an U.S. DC-3 crashes aftertakeoff at Evansville, Indiana, dying 29 people;on October 31, 1994, with Venusin 12º 5´ / 11º 30´ Scorpio, an American Eagle ATR-72-210 crashes in a field near Roselawn, Indiana, causing 68 deaths.





The area 8º-14º of Aquarius prints accidents or incidents in Washington.


On March 1, 1910,with Mercury in 14º 25´ / 15º 44´ Aquarius, two trains are swept by an avalanche into a canyon in Wellington, Washington, causing 93 dead; on December 20, 1952, with Venus en 10º 56´ / 12º 6´ Aquarius, a U.S. Air ForceC-124 falls, burned, into Moses Lake, in Washington, generating 87 deaths; on March 30, 1981, with Moon´s South Node in 8º 56´ / 8º 57´ Aquarius, president Ronald Reagan, Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent TimothyMcVarthy and Washington DC policeman Thomas Delahanty are shot and seriouslywounded by John W. Hinckley in Washington, District of Columbia;on January 22, 1996, with Mars in 10º 39´ / 11º 26´ Aquarius, great floods after a thawing occurin Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington generating more than 40 deaths.


I challenge anyone to refute these historical and astronomical data, these laws, these examples taken from my book "Os acidentes em Lisboa na Astronomia-Astrologia, Astrology and accidents in USA» published in Portugal in 2008. Universities, churches and major media live based on lies: they deny Historical Astrology , they ignore and deny the absolute predestination of human life, of animal, vegetable, and mineral life from the degrees of the zodiac. Astrologers like Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo, André Barbault and the vast multitude of  business astrologers swarming around the world, are too much ignorant about the determinism of real planetary movements. Those who know are tiny in number and are silenced by the dictatorship of the majority intellectually mediocre. With some two or three exceptions, universities in all world are ruled by stupid professers and second class philosophers.


NOTE-You can buy our books of Historical Astrology, the new holistic science,  on the shop online


© (Direitos de autor para Francisco Limpo de Faria Queiroz)

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